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If your application is accepted, you will be invited to get on a call to make sure the program is right for you.


Hey there, Coach!

I’m Matt Walrath, founder of Beyond Macros nutrition coaching, and I created the Beyond Macros Certified Coach program for coaches who are looking to provide a profitable VIP coaching experience to their clients without burning yourself out.

This program goes into EXTREME detail about both the online nutrition coaching process, and how to run a successful and profitable online nutrition coaching business.

If you have been working with some clients already who you found through personal connections or at the gym, and you are wondering:

  1. How to move your coaching business online.
  2. How to find clients who DON’T already know you.
  3. And provide your clients with a VIP experience (without feeling like the business is sucking your soul).

  ...this is the program for you.

What to Expect out of the Program

Improve Your Coaching Skills & Process

The first half of this program is the exact training I have taken every Beyond Macros coach through. I expect the highest quality of coaching if someone is going to work with Beyond Macros, so this training does not hold back ONE BIT.

One of the most frustrating things as a coach is when you sign up a client, they seem excited, and then you have trouble getting them to engage with you and the process after the initial meeting.

This program will teach you how we effectively on-board and keep client motivation high through the full coaching experience.

In addition to giving you a proven process to both keep your clients motivated and achieving their goals, we will also teach you how to connect with your clients in a way where they feel HEARD while you gather the information necessary to get them results.

Learn How to Bring Your Coaching Business Online

The second half of this program will walk you through the essentials of moving your business online. Even if you are currently coaching in-person, you will learn how to use online tools to both save time AND provide even more value to your clients.

You will learn where your focus needs to be at each phase of your business so that you can grow it without getting burnt out or overworking yourself.

And you will learn some of our best systems for attracting new clients to your business.

There is so much information packed into this program, and if you come from a CrossFit background, have nutrition credentials, and have already started working with clients this program is designed specifically for you and to help you take your nutrition coaching business to the next level!

Differentiate Your Coaching, And Charge What You're Worth

With SO many new nutrition coaches finishing their Precision Nutrition Level 1 every day, the market is super saturated with coaches. This program will teach you how to differentiate yourself, charge what you’re worth, and find clients who are happy to pay a bit more for your services (which are their ideal solution).

With the addition of all of the business training, this is a new course, so I am looking for 10 people to take through a beta program to gather feedback and improve the program.

Key Learning Objectives & Practical Takeaways

At the completion of the course, you will receive your certification, but more importantly you will have:

  1. Confidence in your ability to create a macro plan for a client that will get results, and how to adjust their macros each step of the way.
  2. Tools to determine how to adjust course for difficult clients, and for creating a sustainable transformation in every client.
  3. A step-by-step system to provide a VIP experience to your clients from prospect to raving fan and success story.
  4. Increase your pricing for coaching and only attract the clients you want to work with.
  5. A website with all of the necessary functionality to
  6. A marketing plan, and the ability to finally focus in one area and feel confident you’re not “missing out” because you are attracting the right clients!
  7. Processes that happen automatically, and the ability to provide insane value to your clients without having to spend 60-hours of your time each week doing it!


If your application is accepted, you will be invited to get on a call to make sure the program is right for you.


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Take your nutrition business online, learn how to run it profitably, find new clients, increase client success rates & retention...and most importantly do it in a way that feels right and energizes you.


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