This One Hour Exercise Helps Coaching Business Owners Double Their Profitability.

(...while cutting their work time in half)



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Hey Coach,

I'm Matt Walrath, founder of Beyond Macros, and I'm about to get real with you...

Running a coaching business can be like fighting a hydra 🐉

You complete one item on your to do list, two more pop up to take its place.

The entrepreneurial to-do list can be never ending.

And unfortunately, you can spend 50 hours per week ticking off to do list items without actually GROWING.

I know because I’ve scaled 3 online coaching businesses to 6 & 7 figures without working more than 30-hours per week.

And I’ve helped dozens of other online coaches do the same.

But there was a time when I was hustling 50+ hours per week to earn just $5k per month.

It felt like I was doing everything right:

  • Podcasting
  • Running ads
  • Building funnels.

..and of course, getting great results with my clients!

But I just wasn’t getting anywhere.

Everything changed when a mentor taught me how to “step out” of my business and look at it like a consultant.

It was honestly painful to see everything I was doing wrong & how much time I was wasting.

But with that pain came hyper growth.

And A LOT more freedom.

Because I saw how much time I was wasting on activities that simply didn’t move the needle.

And I realized how much I was ignoring the most profitable activities in my business. 

The assessment showed me exactly where to focus not only my time & energy - but where to focus my team’s time & energy.

And after implementing the lessons I learned in the business assessment, I literally worked half as much….25 hours.

And week after week, I continued to work less and less.

Eventually, I worked just 4 hours per week in the business and our profits actually doubled!

After running this assessment with dozens of other online coaches & providing them with an action plan I was able to help them do the same.


But Has This Actually Worked For Anyone But You?

Jane was able to go from working full time hours and operating at a loss because her team was too big -

To trimming down and earning over $100k profit in 6 months while working 25-30 hours per week.


If you’d like to explore whether or not I can help you do the same, I’ve got an offer for you.

If you’re working more than 30 hours per week on your business right now - I will help you find a way for you to get a minimum 5 hours back every week, immediately.

And you will increase your profit margin in the process.

All you have to do is:

Step 1) Fill out your 60-question business assessment (60-minutes)

(This is something you should be doing once per quarter, anyway.)

Step 2) I will review the assessment personally to create a custom 90-day action plan for you to free up time and increase profit immediately.

Step 3) You will have the opportunity to speak with one of the business advisors on my team for a 60-minute implementation call to see how we might be able to help you with your next steps.

This offer will be limited to 5 per week as I only have so much capacity to offer these assessments.

And my current consulting rate for one hour is $2500 - so at just $197 this is not exactly profitable for me...

So why am I doing it?

Well, I wish somebody would have showed me how to focus in my business earlier so I didn’t spend 2 years of my youth grinding it out in business for such little profit.

But I also hope that if you find value in the action plan, that you will explore what it looks like to work with my team to scale your business without scaling your working hours.

And even if you decide not to explore the next steps together, I hope you get the value out of this experience.

So if you go through the assessment, receive your action plan, join the implementation call and honestly don’t feel like you got the value -just ask us for a full refund.

But if you are obviously abusing the refund policy to try to get free consulting - well that’s just bad juju ;)