This "Business Health Check" Reveals Exactly How To Grow Your
Nutrition Coaching Business

(Without The Constant Hustle & Grind)


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Hey Coach,

I'm Matt Walrath, founder of Beyond Macros, and I'm about to get real with you...

Running a coaching business can be like fighting a hydra 🐉

You complete one item on your to do list, two more pop up to take its place.

The entrepreneurial to-do list can be never ending.

And unfortunately, you can spend 50 hours per week ticking off to do list items without actually GROWING.

I know because I’ve scaled 3 online coaching businesses to 6 & 7 figures without working more than 30-hours per week.

And I’ve helped dozens of other online coaches do the same.

But there was a time when I was hustling 50+ hours per week to earn just $5k per month.

It felt like I was doing everything right:

  • Podcasting
  • Running ads
  • Building funnels.

..and of course, getting great results with my clients!

But I just wasn’t getting anywhere.

Everything changed when a mentor taught me how to “step out” of my business and look at it like a consultant.

It was honestly painful to see everything I was doing wrong & how much time I was wasting.

But with that pain came hyper growth.

And A LOT more freedom.

Because I saw how much time I was wasting on activities that simply didn’t move the needle.

And I realized how much I was ignoring the most profitable activities in my business. 

The Business Health Check showed me exactly where to focus not only my time & energy - but where to focus my team’s time & energy.

And after implementing the lessons I learned in the Business Health Check, I literally worked half as much….25 hours!

And week after week, I continued to work less and less.

Eventually, I worked just 4 hours per week in the business and our coaching profits actually doubled!

After running this assessment with dozens of other nutrition coaches in our VIP Mentorship Programs & providing them with an action plan I was able to help them do the same.


But Has This Actually Worked For Anyone But You?

Jane was able to go from working full time hours and operating at a loss because her team was too big -

To trimming down and earning over $100k profit in 6 months while working 25-30 hours per week.