We Promise You This: Our Nutrition Certification Program Will Help You Build and Scale Your Online Coaching Business Like A Pro

Without using cookie-cutter programs, or leaving a single client dissatisfied with your service!

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"Where most certifications give you knowledge, the Beyond Macros Certified Coach program takes it a step further, and you can actually have a CAREER by the time you finish. "

Eric Malzone
Level 5 Mentors

What is the Beyond Macros Certification?

The Beyond Macros Certification helps nutrition coaches grow your business by teaching you how to provide a VIP service through a proven system that organizes and automates day-to-day tasks, and frees up time to get clients share-worthy results…

... and how to attract the right clientele willing to pay for premium coaching…

All while building an online business and marketing strategy that will increase profitability, and improve customer satisfaction -- while shedding precious time off your work week.

We released this nutrition certification course for time-crunched coaches who…

  • Are ready to provide VIP service to clients without working overtime to deliver high-quality coaching.

  • Want to learn how to set up a business and marketing plan using our exact tools and strategies, so you feel confident bringing your in-person coaching online (or growing and scaling your existing online coaching business.)

  • Want case studies, workbooks, and templates you can use to attract the right clients, book discovery calls, onboard new clients, and improve client retention all while saving time and energy by automating redundant administrative work.

  • Would like a proven VIP nutrition coach who’s helped over 13,000 clients achieve success watching over your shoulder to make sure you get all the details right.

Before you cheapen your nutrition coaching services to compete with the lackluster market or spend precious time learning another expensive system that doesn’t work...  

Ask yourself this...

Is Your Coaching Business Up For The Challenge?

If you can’t answer with a resounding “YES,” then I want to fix that right now.

And look... the reason why your current nutrition coaching business falls short isn’t as important as how we’re going to get you a full high-value client roster and a more proficient VIP coaching system fast.

How fast? 21 days from right now, if you choose to take action.

Hear me out.

You go at your own pace in the Beyond Macros Certification Course, but if you invest as little as 3 hours a week in the first 21 days, you can book your first high paying clients, which takes your business to a whole different level!


Courtney Doubled Prices & Went From 1 Client To FULLY Booked

...and returned her investment in just 2 months!


Rich Left His In-Person PT Job, And Now Focuses Full Time On His Business

...and recently hired his first coach to work for him!


But first...

Who am I and why should you care what I have to say?

My name is Matt Walrath, and I've been developing nutrition coaches like you for my company Beyond Macros since 2016.

But before that, I was in debt and wondering how the heck I was going to make it in the fitness industry making $20 coaching CrossFit classes and having ZERO online presence for my nutrition coaching.

And my struggle to go from bottom-of-the barrel rookie coach at a gym to now being the guy who cuts checks to other coaches is why I can help guide you to success as a nutrition coach.

I get to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, waking up each day to surf and drink coffee with people I love before I meet with my staff and clients (who I also love).  

That's my ideal life, and I want to help you learn how to make your nutrition business support YOUR ideal life!

My single focus and  greatest passion is teaching nutrition coaches like you in the Beyond Macros Certification Course.

I have a unique ability to teach even the most tech-challenged nutrition coaches how to create a world-class online coaching experience that frees up your time while giving you a real business strategy and marketing plan so you can attract clients you can't get enough of, who are willing to pay the premium you're worth!


As Seen On:

If you’ve struggled with growing the nutrition coaching aspect of your business and fear you have to become a cookie-cutter internet marketing guru to make sales, then prepare to change your mind.

Because I personally guarantee, if you dedicate just three hours a week for the next 8-12 weeks, you will be blown away at your ability to attract high-paying clients into your VIP coaching service without working around the clock.

The kind of VIP coaching that not only feels natural and authentically YOU... but also helps your clients see a faster transformation (so they become raving fans and tell everyone to hire you!).

Look, I get it, It seems like everyone and his brother are online coaches, and you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of low-priced, unoriginal coaching programs, and you’re up against social influencers whose selfie creds somehow convince honest clients to hand over their hard-earned cash without proof of expertise.

Plus you think you need to have a webinar, published book, thousands of social followers, a web designer, a fat email list, and a full-time staff even to attract new clients to your business.

Yet, you’re trying to juggle your in-person coaching biz and maintain some semblance of a social life... even though right now you feel the only way to make more money is to work more hours that you don’t really have in your day.

When all the pieces fall into place for your online business, the marketing strategy for new VIP clients works like a badass army of salespeople letting everyone know your coaching service is world class — while recruiting clients you jump out of bed to work with into your sales funnels 24/7.

However, without the right support to put the ultimate well-oiled system in place, your marketing message feels like you’re shouting from the bottom of a well in the middle of a forest filled with noisy coaches.

To quote Dan John, a coach in a class of his own

“Discernment is a rare skill, but the ability to pick and choose “better” among a host of options takes more time than any of us have in a typical lifetime. You need to trust others to carry some of the load of discernment for you.”

In other words, without a good plan and system that’s been researched and tested down to the finest detail by a discerning expert, your business literally will not survive.

You’ll end up in analysis paralysis, taking bad advice from so-called experts who only care about money and not about client experience. But, look... let’s not go negative.

If you’re here, you already know that having the right system for your online nutrition coaching business is crucial to your success and your clients deserve better…

This course is all about building A SUCCESSFUL VIP COACHING BUSINESS, so let me tell you how you’ll snag your first of many VIP clients in the next 21 days!

Finish the course with a certification to help demonstrate your expertise + earn CEU credits.

This Program Will Help Your Create Your Dream Business & Dream Life!


Steve went from a soul-sucking 9-5 as an accountant living with his parents, to feeling financially stable after the program. 

After doing a popular nutrition certification, Steve said "I loved what I learned...where I thought it lacked was real life application coaching clients." 

And after the Beyond Macros Certified Coach Program, "The real life application and coaching clients is where I progressed the most working with Matt."

Drew Paid Off His Debt & Is Finally Saving Money!

And Lucinda Has Doubled Her Client Retention And Is Closing 2 New Clients Each Week, Before Even Finishing the Course!

Here’s How To Order

Fill out the application and pick a date for your business audit call by clicking the button below.

Matt will review your application and may reach out for additional information.

On the day of your call, you will have 40-minute business audit call where Matt will help you identify the next steps to build and grow your nutrition coaching business (whether you join the program or not!)

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What Happens When I'm Accepted?

You will receive a welcome email with your login details, how to join the coaching calls, and how to get daily support.

Save this email and write down your login information somewhere accessible.

You can begin the course right away, and every new module will be released once you complete the last one.

Each module has lessons, case studies, homework from your workbook, plus an assessment to test your knowledge from the module.

These assessments will lead up to the final test for your certification.

Go at your own pace in this course and pick up right where you left off every time. There is no rush to finish, but also the opportunity to complete it within 8 weeks so you can start building out a VIP Experience for your ideal client right away.  

Where you are now VS. Where you want to be?

I mean, you’ve seen everything you’ll get inside the Beyond Macros Certification Course and your chance to be among the first to bring your own VIP experience to market.

I’d like to think that you registered some time ago and are halfway through the first module right now. But it appears you’re still hanging around trying to decide if this is right for you.

So, consider this…

8 Weeks From Now…

... you could be 10 times the nutrition coach you are right now. Suddenly capable of booking high-value clients you love while building a sustainable business that has you jumping out of bed everyone to work on.

Never again wonder where your next client will come from, but instead, have a bulletproof sales system in place, plus an automated client process that feels like VIP service because you cut administrative time in half so you can spend more time interacting with the people you serve…

... transferring your passion and enthusiasm onto them, so they feel just as excited about their transformation as you do.

OR ...

You can be exactly where you are at this moment, only 10 times as frustrated now that you know how much income and free time you’re leaving on the table.

I could go on about how this smidge of frustration festers into anger and resentment, possibly turning you into a begrudging hermit that never sees the light of day. I’ve seen that happen a time or two. It’s ugly...

I don’t want that for you any more than you do. The easy fix is. Join us. It will be the best decision you make this year.


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