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Get 30 Leads & 5 Testimonials in 5 Days…

(No social media, ads, or tech required)

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"What was most exciting for me was how little effort it actually took. Seriously, some of my conmnects were made on a break, between sets at the gym, and while making dinner....

I've got 35 calls booked in my Acuity scheduler and am waiting on responses from a few others. The process works."

- Alicia D.

By The End Of This Life Changing 5-Day Challenge You Will Have:

🚀More leads, clients & testimonials

🚀More money in the bank

🚀More confidence that you can actually make this nutrition coaching business work.

Not to mention...

✔️A clear path towards quitting your job or retiring your partner

✔️Or just having a little bit more financial breathing room by growing a successful coaching side hustle.

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 My Big Promise To You:



During The 5 Day Challenge You Will Discover: 

✔️ A unique strategy to instantly identify your potential clients, even if you’ve struggled to identify your niche in the past (hint: it doesn’t involve a cheesy “I serve busy professionals” statement)

✔️ Where to find potential clients in a way that does not require any social media presence (but we’ll show you what to do if you do have an audience)

✔️ How to create quick wins for a prospective client so they provide you a testimonial BEFORE signing up.

✔️ Exact scripts to book sales calls & enroll clients with our value-first process.

✔️ Use this new lead generation strategy to scale your coaching business up to a full time income while working part time hours.

This Free 5-Day Challenge Has Helped 1112 Nutrition Coaches Get High Paying Clients In One Week Or Less!


Here's A Brief Overview Of The 5 Days:

Day 1 - How To Book 5 Sales Calls In 5 Days

We’ll show you step-by-step how to get your sales calls booked in DURING the challenge, even if you don’t have social media.

Day 2 - Who Your Perfect Clients Are & Where To Find Them

Most business coaches will tell you to pick a super specific niche to target. Unfortunately, this often limits the number of potential clients you can serve unnecessarily. But 99.99% of coaches have a hidden audience that they ignore because they were told to post daily on social media. We show you how to find this hidden audience, and attract them to your services. Plus, finish the day with 30 new leads!

Day 3 - How To Make An Irresistible Free Offer To Your Perfect Clients

Finding clients on social media can be a slow process. Especially if you hope to hook people with a lead magnet, nurture with an email sequence, and pray they book a call. We cut the fluff and show you how to make an offer your perfect client would feel silly saying "no" to.

Day 4- How to Book Sales Calls With Your Hidden Audience

Most coaches struggle with how to transition a conversation into a sales call without coming off as pushy or salesy. So we show you how to lead with value & get prospects a quick win to collect a testimonial before they even become a client. This makes it wayyyy easier to enroll them if it’s the right fit!

I’ll show you how to book sales calls with your hidden audience, and how to turn them into clients paying you $200-500 per month with ease.

Day 5 - How To Turn This Client Getting Strategy Into A Career

We show you the exact steps to take after the challenge to make sure you are able to keep your clients, and turn the momentum of this challenge into a full time income from coaching while working 30 hours or less per week.

About Matt & Kate

Matt Walrath & Kate Jaramillo are online health coaches who have created multiple 6-and-7 figure businesses serving nutrition clients. They believe that creating amazing results & experiences for your clients is the best way to grow your business.


As nutrition & health coaches we recognize that the impact we have on our clients is invaluable. And we’ve seen how when our clients transform their health, body & mindset there is a “ripple of impact” as they become a role model for the family, friends & community.


But they saw so many other nutrition coaches struggling to get clients & have the impact they were capable of creating in clients’ lives. So they teamed up to help health & nutrition coaches reach more clients & provide them with a VIP experience.

And in the process have helped hundreds of health & nutrition coaches quit their job, retire their spouse, and create a full time income from their passion.

It Might Sound Too Good To Be True But...

The first time we ran this challenge hundreds of coaches enrolled their first clients & collected their first testimonials.
One sold a 12-month package for $4800.
Another booked 35 prospects into her calendar.
All in just 5 days!

And the best part is that ANYBODY can use this stupid simple lead generation strategy.

Even if you don't have a social media presence - you can still get leads.

And this is truly crazy part....even if you don't have clients right now you can get honest and impactful testimonials that will help you enroll more clients with ease, too!

So how does this challenge work?

When I was first starting out as a nutrition coach online....I really struggled to consistently find new clients.

And I didn't have a ton of testimonials to help sell my services for me.

In fact, I didn't even have my own transformation journey to share.

I had "guinea pig" clients I hoped would turn into testimonials and before/after photos...but they cherry picked my advice and after 3-months I could barely get a response from them...let alone a referral!

I realized there had to be a better way to get clients + testimonials than giving away free coaching and hoping clients followed through even though they had no skin in the game.

That's when I tried this super simple strategy for the first time.

And it helped me enroll 5 paying clients (no more guinea pigs), get testimonials before we even finished up a 90-day program, and started generating enough referrals to fill my roster without ads, social media, or funnels.

Within a year of implementing this strategy, I had gained enough traction to go from side hustle to 6-figures as an online nutrition coach.

And I've taught it to my private coaching clients who have used it to land 5 clients + testimonials in their first week working together.

So on September 20th- I will be teaching this strategy in a free 5 day challenge designed to not only help you land your next 5 paying clients... will also start collecting testimonials & generating referrals to fill your coaching roster, FAST.

Kate and I will walk you step-by-step through this game changing lead generation strategy with live support & coaching to make sure you succeed.


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